Ceren Abacıoğlu


Naar overzicht

Social action, just like physical action, is steered by perception.

I believe that a crucial part of any solution to a social issue is to understand psychological and social processes behind it. What makes us perceive, think, feel, and act the way we do? This understanding is necessary to approach our own biases critically and help others recognise theirs. We can then challenge people’s already existing positions, create counter-arguments, and motivate social change. I thus find it very important to work towards creating a safe environment in which people feel a sense of belonging, connection, and support for their identity so that they can freely express themselves and engage in such critical dialogue. With this in mind, I spend most of my time trying to understand how we can make a multicultural/ intercultural approach (as opposed to a colourblind approach) to diversity more prevalent and more effective in schools.

Currently, I am volunteering for the project Angstfabriek to help with the research behind it and to think along with the other members of the project team.

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